Elicia Mollineau-Lowden, Senior Manager at EY, On Her Journey to Consultancy Accreditation

The desire to solidify years of experience in the public healthcare sector and consultancy field motivated me to pursue the Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) accreditation. Consultancy as a career is often undervalued and there are numerous misconceptions about the role of consultants.

This accreditation serves as a powerful validation of my knowledge, expertise, and ethical approach to my role and work as a consultant. It elevates my credibility and brings recognition to the impactful work I’ve done over the years.

While my journey into consultancy started with a focus on staff engagement and patient care, I continued to hone and develop my skills in various project areas over the years and the ChMC designation recognises a broader skillset. My projects now encompass leadership development, organisational culture, diversity, equity and inclusion and employee value proposition. The ChMC accreditation enhances my ability to influence stakeholders across the organisation, from project teams to senior leadership.

Clients can readily verify my qualifications through my ChMC status. This not only reassures them of my experience and knowledge but also showcases my commitment to continuous development. My ability to leverage experience and learnings from past projects strengthens the value I bring to new engagements.

The ChMC designation is not just about client-facing benefits. Internally, it fosters a sense of security and confidence. This newfound confidence empowers me to pursue new opportunities and challenges. It also broadens my network within the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), connecting me to valuable colleagues.

Furthermore, the ChMC accreditation contributes to my firm’s success. It demonstrates EY’s commitment to investing in employee development, differentiating us in the competitive talent landscape. Clients recognise this commitment, further solidifying their trust in our brand.

Through the ChMC journey, I identified specific areas for growth. Sector specialisation, particularly in Artificial Intelligence (AI), talent management, and employee value proposition, have emerged as key focus areas. Leveraging the CMI network and my work with clients allows me to develop expertise in these areas, while exploring how AI can be harnessed to optimise client outcomes.

The ChMC framework resonated deeply due to its comprehensive nature. Encompassing everything from values and ethics to client operations and personal development, it provides a robust foundation for ethical decision-making and effective leadership. The framework empowers consultants to push back against unethical practices whilst ensuring client value is delivered.

For consultants considering the ChMC accreditation, my advice is simple: “Just do it!” The benefits are undeniable, enhancing both professional development and career management. It’s an investment with lasting value and is highly transferable.

The process demands a dedicated investment of time for self-reflection. Detailing past projects, client impact, and incorporating feedback from colleagues and clients which is crucial for a successful application and in-depth conversation with your assessor. Reflecting on these achievements can be a surprisingly rewarding experience, highlighting the depth and breadth of your accomplishments.

The ChMC designation has opened doors to new and exciting opportunities. Colleagues are now seeking my expertise, leading to stimulating conversations about team building and project development. I also feel empowered to make strategic decisions regarding my career path. Ultimately, the ChMC accreditation is a gateway to a world of possibilities, a testament to one’s dedication to excellence in the field of management consultancy.

In a competitive consulting landscape, the ChMC accreditation stands as a beacon of excellence. It signifies a commitment to ethical practice, continuous learning, and delivering tangible value to clients. For ambitious consultants seeking to differentiate themselves and contribute to the profession’s continued growth, pursuing the ChMC accreditation is no longer just an option, it’s a strategic investment in a successful future.

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