EY Equity Partner, Hamish McKechnie-Sharma, Talks About Becoming Chartered

Completing the Chartered Management Consultant Award felt like a great opportunity to demonstrate and reflect on my experience of more than 20 years in consulting. I have led teams, worked collaboratively with internal and external colleagues, and always focused on adding value to my clients.

Fused with thinking through EY’s ‘better me, better us and better client’ philosophy, the Award has given me the opportunity to look back at my career, my greatest achievements and how these encompass the competency framework.

“The Chartered Management Consultants Award is the benchmark in our industry. To have gained this, I not only feel extremely proud as one of the early adopters, but also hope to inspire those around me.”

It has also given me the prompts and motivation to think about my key focus areas for the coming months, as well as how I can continue to nurture others in my day-to-day work.

I had a mentor who helped and supported me during the application and submission process. This mentorship throughout the process was really valuable to my personal development. It was useful to have somebody challenge me to think deeply about the submission, pertinent evidence points, and answers to the ‘so what’ questions.

The competency framework is a great tool and aided with my connections to my team. It is very aligned to the EY values and our focus on development.

I found a network of like-minded individuals by linking with individuals who had already gone through this process. I also participated in activities being run by CMI/MCA. These areas of development have been vital and insightful on my route to becoming a Chartered Management Consultant.

For me, the most significant outcome from the process has been that it reinforced the importance of supporting and developing my teams, in particular, the next generation of Consultants. This is a fantastic opportunity for experienced and more junior people to really take hold of what they have and are accomplishing in their careers.

“Fostering values in considering various lenses and inclusion continues to shape who I am. The Chartered Management Consultant process highlighted the pertinence of this to me personally. I aim to leverage the outcomes of achieving this Award by focusing on continuous learning for myself and my teams, and by driving the creation of a diverse and inclusive workplace.”

It is great to have the opportunity to discuss the standard with team members and clients alike. This is a very positive advancement where a standard is embodied by the process I have undertaken.