Atkins Managing Consultant, Gary Mitchell, Talks About Gaining CHMC Status

The Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) award is the most prestigious award that can be achieved within the Management Consultancy profession. It has been developed jointly by the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Here, Gary Mitchell, Managing Consultant at Atkins talks about his journey to obtaining ChMC status.

“I decided ChMC was right for me as I have been consulting in business management for over 20 years and have picked up a variety of skills, management models, techniques and tools but there is a wide variety of approaches to the practice of management consultancy which have led to inconsistencies and confusion about what management consultancy actually is. Chartership provides that clarity and sets a benchmark for quality in the practice of management consultancy.

“Gaining ChMC status has made me a better management consultant as it’s encouraged me to recognise and look to further develop not only my technical skills but also my exhibited behaviours in relation to empathy and emotional intelligence, inclusion and diversity. All of which are essential for being a great management consultant.”

“The ChMC Award has helped me consolidate these skills and assess their use. Gaining ChMC status has encouraged me to recognize and look to further develop not only technical skills but also my exhibited behaviours.

“One of my aims is to establish a ChMC development programme that is a leader in its field, supported by a knowledge share community based on ChMC. The Award has provided me with the credentials to continue with this ambition.

“Being Chartered means my skills and experience have been accepted at a level of excellence which is recognised by my profession and can be given as evidence to clients of the quality of my work.”

“I would absolutely recommend becoming Chartered to others and I encourage anyone considering the award to sign up. I was part of the working group who helped define the ChMC and put myself forward in the pilot phase as one of the first to be Chartered in the UK. Since then I have encouraged many people at Atkins to pursue it. We currently have 111 people who have either received chartership or are on the path to it.”