I decided ChMC was right for me as, whilst my ACMA and MBA demonstrate that I have a technical finance and a broader business understanding, I recognised the importance of having an accreditation to demonstrate to both clients and internal colleagues the high standards that we work to as management consultants.

“I believe the Award is an important foundation in order to progress to the next level of leadership within the organisation. This will assist in helping me to always broaden my thinking by utilising the framework and embracing continued professional development.”

Applying the key disciplines within the ChMC framework in either developing relationships in order to create new opportunities or leading by example during project delivery or developing my team are enablers to assist me in my focus on continuous improvement, making me a better management consultant.

Using the framework means that every day is a school day, which will help me to enhance my knowledge and skills as a management consultant, whilst ensuring that my professional development is maintained.

“Being recognised as a ChMC is something that I am immensely proud of, it provides credibility for both myself and IBM in ensuring that we deliver consulting excellence, and this is recognised by our clients as being a quality hallmark.”

IBM were fantastic at supporting me from the initial application, talking to colleagues about their application process, but most importantly, the validation of the application by my line manager. I have been an advocate and provided support to others on their journey to ChMC since.

I am hopeful that by becoming an accredited ChMC, my commitment as a management consultant and more importantly as a future leader within the business, is demonstrated. Having embraced and continuing to embrace the values which are essential to the success of our clients, IBM and of course my own career progression, whilst maintaining my status as a Chartered Management Consultant.

“Without doubt I would recommend ChMC. If you have aspirations to progress in the consulting field then this recognition is a demonstration of your own personal brand in the way you work within your organisation and with your clients, as well as your organisation’s brand in terms of having a quality hallmark. I am hopeful that clients will start to discuss with us the values of ChMC.”