Leading the Way at Gate One: Minal Mehta’s Chartered Journey

Leadership in the world of consulting entails setting the bar high and leading by example, and this is precisely what Minal Mehta, Principal at Gate One, a digital transformation consultancy, has been doing.

Ranked as a Top 50 Leader by the Financial Times, Minal, an accomplished consultant, embarked on her Chartered journey driven by a desire for recognition and a commitment to demonstrating top-tier consulting skills to her clients.

Achieving Chartered status was more than a personal accomplishment; it was about serving her clients better at Gate One. She said:

“It was having that recognition of putting me in the elite top-tier level of consulting and also demonstrating my skill set to my clients and helping them better achieve their own business ambitions and outcomes.”

Minal highlighted the significance of the Chartered community. By attaining the award, she gained access to a network of fellow professionals, a wealth of articles and opportunities for continuous professional development. She explains:

Being part of a community that provides access to a network, involvement in newsletters, and opportunities to continue my own CPD has been immensely valuable. It has played a crucial role in maintaining my Chartered status.

Having transitioned to Gate One earlier last year, being Chartered enabled me to promptly assess my consulting capabilities and ensured that any new clients with whom I was establishing relationships already had exceptionally high expectations due to the Chartered accreditation.

ChMC has ensured that Minal has stayed at the forefront of industry trends and best practices, ultimately benefiting her clients. Her journey towards Chartered status not only shaped her career but also her leadership abilities.

Joining Gate One presented an opportunity to put her Chartered recognition to the test. Minal says:

It’s given me the confidence to go into a new culture and environment, develop my leadership skills, and shape the business while upholding ethical standards for both Gate One and my clients.

Minal believes that the ChMC accreditation plays a vital role in promoting equal opportunities and diversity within the consulting profession, seeing the ChMC as an inclusive process that focuses on individuals’ expertise rather than their background, effectively reducing bias. She said: “Reflecting on that individual’s own ambitions and work to prove themselves is an inclusive practice.”

Minal’s own involvement in diversity and inclusion initiatives within Gate One, where she is currently co-lead of the race and culture employee resource group, stands as a testament to her belief in inclusivity.

Being Chartered for her signifies a commitment to maintaining a high standard of professionalism in her work. She views it as a continuous journey, not a destination, saying: “It’s about how do I maintain it, how do I continue to show and prove the level of consulting through achieving the award.”

In an ever-evolving consulting landscape, the ChMC accreditation provides Minal with the tools to better serve her clients by demonstrating the value she brings as a consultant. Her pride in this achievement reflects her dedication to her profession.

“I’m able to show credibility and open doors with all the agencies we work with at Gate One and that has actually helped me to achieve my own personal career goals.”

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