Louise Scott-Worrall, Head of Learning Solutions at KPMG On Chartered’s Recognition of Talent, Expertise, and Experience

Louise Scott-Worrall is the Head of Learning Solutions for KPMG in the UK with a specific focus on public sector clients.

Recognition of her talent, expertise and experience was one of her prime motivations to become Chartered. Louise said:

“My career has been quite varied in terms of my health expertise, my learning and my education and expertise. But the bit that I didn’t have as a management consultant was validation of my new and emerging skills. I’m at that point in my career where now being a management consultant is the largest part of my career and so I sought that validation of my skills and expertise through Chartered.”

As many who have earned the accreditation have said, the process of becoming chartered was one that did not just recognise her past achievements and experience, but also helped her to plan ahead.

She said: “The process was really helpful in codifying my skills and capabilities – the ones I need now and those for the future. It is an important tool to help you look ahead. I know it’s a good thing to do because I’ve been through it.”

The framework of 54 competencies was something that Louise was impressed with but if there were just two she could pick out she is in no doubt what they are. Louise said:

“Ethics and values for me and their behaviours are something that is absolutely crucial to my DNA. Having the highest possible standards of ethics and behaviour is vital to our profession.”

That belief in ethics and value is the foundation of the job Louise loves and vital to what she sees as the purpose of the profession – to make a difference.

She said: “You know, it gets me up in the morning. It’s what makes me happy. Consultancy work, that ability to lead and make a difference. But to do it in a really, really purposeful way. And then I think leading and managing through change. Again, in terms of what I do as a partner in people consulting, leading our business in infrastructure, government and healthcare.”

But for all her achievements, receiving Chartered accreditation was a particularly memorable moment. She said:

“I was super proud when I got the e-mail to tell me I’ve passed this. I’d done the submission, had the interview which actually I really enjoyed and then I got that e-mail to say congratulations. You’ve got chartered status, you can use it. It was marvellous.”

So how does she feel about being nominated as a Chartered Management Consultant of the Year for the MCA 2023 Awards? Louise said:

“Oh my goodness, it has been amazing to just be nominated. I’ve had such an interesting career. I’ve loved every component of my career, but I only planned to be a management consultant for two years and I’m here 16 years later and I genuinely love it. Being nominated and possibly even winning would just be the epitome of recognising the distance I’ve travelled, but also my potential. I would just be absolutely delighted.”