Prithpal Babra, Digital Transformation Consultant at Eviden, an ATOS Business, on the intrinsic value of Chartered

Eviden’s Prithpal Babra has a wealth of Consulting experience and qualifications. But when the idea of a Chartership for management consultancy came up, he was more than intrigued. He said:

“When I first heard about the Chartership, along with the coaching and support being given by Eviden, I was genuinely excited by it. I have been a Management Consultant for two decades, but prior to that qualified as a Chartered Accountant, so feel I really understand the intrinsic value of a Chartered status. I know about the rigour and application you go through to get this type of accreditation. It’s not something that’s just given out without putting the effort in. You must take the time and give it real consideration.”

But what it requires from the candidate is more than repaid in the marketplace. He commented:

“It gives a level of Quality Assurance that clients can gage and ultimately need. I really think it is something that will be transformative for the industry and begin to act as a benchmark.”

As so many who have gone through the Chartered process testify, Prithpal agrees that the Chartership gives a better perspective on your own career, achievements and future direction. He reflected:

“I found the process of completing the submission a good period to evaluate not only what’s been achieved in my career to date, but also look to the future. The process was very comprehensive in covering what is expected from a management consultant. It was really valuable to assess the impact you’ve had on clients, colleagues and other stakeholders by looking at your body of work and the benefits delivered. It really forced me to pause, think and assess my career trajectory.”

The reality of pursuing Chartered status can be difficult for consultants under pressure to deliver for clients. But the time spent on it is valuable. Prithpal reasoned:

“The time it took to meet the submission requirements, particularly whilst managing high profile client deliverables, has to be factored in. However, the return and reward of the Chartership more than justifies this ‘investment’. It forces you to hone in on yourself, and how you are performing as a Management Consultant. It is time well spent.”

If Prithpal has any regrets about the Chartership it is that is wasn’t available decades earlier. He explained:

“My plan twenty years ago was to go into Consulting for maybe two years and then go back to industry in a strategic role. I was thinking of doing an MBA because I wanted to learn more about the commercial and soft skills required in business. But Consultancy has really resonated with me as it hits the sweet spot of my interest in business and helping clients achieve their goals and seeing transformative change happen.
To be honest, if something like ChMC had been available when I graduated from University, I would have looked to have done it as soon as I could.”

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