UK Consultancy Celebrates Milestone: 1,000 Chartered Management Consultants Accredited

The UK’s consultancy sector celebrates a significant milestone with the recent accreditation of its one thousandth Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC). The Management Consultancies Association (MCA) with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) have joined forces to scale up this new professional accreditation for the purposes of setting and maintaining the highest standards in management consulting across the UK market. 

The ChMC has seen a 40% growth in the volume of accredited consultants compared to the previous year, with record numbers of assessments completed in August and September of 2023. Over 50 MCA member firms have committed to offering the ChMC Accreditation to their teams, while presently, 4,000 individuals are actively pursuing this accreditation, emphasising the industry’s dedication to professionalism and expertise in consulting.  

The CMI ChMC Evaluation Survey 2023, aimed at assessing ChMCs who have obtained the accreditation, reveals 96% affirming its role in emphasising integrity and commitment to ethics, with 98% believing it showcases the quality of their work. Additionally, 87% of surveyed Chartered consultants express increased self-awareness, and 85% note improved self-confidence.    

Ann Francke OBE, Chief Executive of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), said:  

“The ChMC Accreditation has proven to be a game-changer, not only in raising industry standards but also in inspiring a new wave of professionalism among consultants. The achievement of 1,000 ChMCs marks a significant moment, underscoring our commitment to delivering excellence in consultancy services and ensuring clients receive the highest expertise and value. ChMC has emerged as a pivotal force, elevating professionalism and setting higher industry standards, and we are delighted to be part of this journey.”   

Commenting on the milestone, MCA President and Market Segment Leader, Energy and Resources at EY, Yunus Ozler added:  

“The industry’s monumental growth in accredited professionals reflects our collective pursuit of industry excellence. This accreditation isn’t just about recognition; it’s about setting a precedent for exceptional consultancy services.” 

Tamzen Isacsson, Chief Executive of the Management Consultancies Association (MCA), said: 

“Reaching this milestone of 1,000 Chartered Management Consultants demonstrates the remarkable dedication of both consulting firms and individuals to uphold excellence in their practice. The ChMC Accreditation symbolises the highest professional standards, emphasising our commitment to delivering exceptional value to clients.” 

Kayleigh Wong, Management Consultant at IBM and the 1,000th ChMC, said: 

“I am thrilled to have recently obtained my Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) accreditation. This accolade indicates to our clients the professional standards I have met and demonstrates the quality of IBM Consultants. I joined IBM in 2018 specialising in Cloud and Financial Services and began my ChMC journey this year. The process allowed me to reflect on my achievements and learnings to date and built my confidence knowing I had the required skills and competencies as a management consultant. The accreditation is recognition of my abilities and experience to date, its valued by our clients and a differentiator and hallmark of quality. I look forward to building my career further as a Chartered Management Consultant.” 

The ChMC Accreditation serves as a quality assurance mark for consultancy services, signalling a consultant’s proficiency and expertise in the field. For young consultants, achieving ChMC status is a coveted vocational endorsement that boosts their professional credibility.  It stands apart as the sole internationally recognised professional management consulting accreditation, designed explicitly to validate the competence and professionalism of management consultants.    

As the number of Chartered Management Consultants continues to grow, the UK consultancy sector is gradually working towards defining a new industry standard of excellence.   

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