Yaw Kusi, Principal Consultant at ATKINSRÉALIS On His Journey to Chartered Status

In the world of management consulting, leaders emerge by example. Yaw Kusi, an accomplished professional with nearly 15 years of experience, embarked on his journey toward the Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) accreditation.

His motivation? A deep-rooted passion for consulting and a commitment to setting high standards for himself and others. Yaw explained:

“The different kinds of things that consultants have to consider in terms of supporting the clients and answering the client’s needs, sometimes they don’t even know that they have needs.”

As Yaw advanced in his career, he took on a leadership role within AtkinsRéalis, overseeing early career professionals on their ChMC journeys. This role served as a catalyst for his pursuit of the ChMC accreditation. He said:

“The ChMC accreditation has undeniably enhanced the credibility of my career. It has empowered me to support emerging consultants on their early chartered management consultancy journeys with unwavering conviction. Possessing ChMC myself not only validates my advocacy for the accreditation but also fortifies my role as a mentor. Those I guide recognise my genuine commitment to their success, and my qualification reaffirms my knowledge and expertise in the field.”

Obtaining ChMC not only added credibility to Yaw’s leadership but also provided him with a profound opportunity for self-reflection. He said:

“For me, the benefit of going through chartership was taking the time for reflection. I think sometimes when you work as a consultant, you automatically carry out your duties because that’s what’s needed to be done at the time. But you don’t sit back and ask, what did I learn?”

This introspection enabled him to piece together his leadership narrative, showcasing how he effectively guided teams, leveraged his network, perpetually sought knowledge, and confronted new challenges.

For Yaw, ChMC signifies credibility and a commitment to excellence. He said:

“I’m very proud of it. Being a chartered management consultant signifies a certain level of output that clients can expect from me. It signals that there is a certain standard of skill I can deliver, and I believe that knowledge gives me value, not only from those I support in their careers but also those I engage with externally.”

Yaw understands the challenges that early career professionals face on their ChMC journeys and embraces his role as a mentor and advocate, saying:

“I feel more credible when I’m asking them to ‘Stick at it, keep going,’ and giving them advice. I want them to know that I’m in their corner.”

Yaw also values the sense of community and expertise within the ChMC network. He acknowledges that the exposure to diverse individuals and the knowledge-sharing among chartered consultants have enriched his understanding of the latest industry trends and best practices.

His commitment to setting high standards, combined with his leadership by example, exemplifies the essence of true leadership in the consulting world.

Yaw offered the following insights to those considering starting their ChMC journey:

“I would advise anyone considering the ChMC journey not to hesitate. Take the time to read and understand the requirements and commitments involved, so you’re well-prepared for the journey. While the process is thorough, it’s manageable and worth the effort. The access to events and the network of individuals you encounter as a chartered consultant are eye-opening. They provide opportunities for learning and growth that are invaluable in the world of management consultancy. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting your career, the ChMC journey will broaden your horizons and help you realize your potential as a consultant.”

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