What do the Conservative and Labour Manifestos for the 2024 election mean for health?


Ahead of the UK General Election on July 4th, all the major parties have now published their manifestos which set out their stall for why they should be trusted to govern for the next five years. As the two front-runners in the race, the Conservative and Labour manifestos have garnered the most media attention. Both parties present policy platforms that look towards the future, highlighting the importance of public services to serve the people and are an engine for economic growth. The NHS features as one of Labour’s five missions to rebuild and as part of the Conservative’s set of plans and bold actions.

In their insight, CF reflects on areas of alignment or difference that would have an impact on the people using or working in the NHS during the next Parliament. The thematic areas of prevention, health inequalities, care closer to home, workforce, technology and capital, and research and innovation align with the biggest opportunity areas we have observed in our recent work.


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