Arup with Transport for London

The construction industry currently generates circa 35% of all daytime Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) traffic in London, producing a significant amount of road freight movement with resulting concerns of safety, congestion and air quality. Considering the essential service provided, the industry faces the challenge of finding viable alternatives to reduce the volume in order to mitigate the negative impacts of construction traffic. A Construction Logistics Plan (CLP) provides the framework for understanding, managing and mitigating construction vehicle activity into and out of proposed development sites.

Transport for London (TfL) commissioned Arup to update the existing guidance and develop a bespoke training programme to engage the industry and provide adoption of consistent construction logistics methodology, to embed best practice construction logistics planning.

The development and promotion of CLP training is centred around culture change in the construction industry and embedding CLPs into everyday practice. The training is formally upskilling a vital part of the construction sector, raising awareness of construction freight challenges within London and ultimately creates a culture change that brings logistics considerations to the earliest stage of the development and planning process. With a firm belief that people are pivotal to the effective application of a CLP, our training bridges the gaps in the understanding of construction freight issues amongst TfL and borough offices, consultants, contractors and developers.

Within the UK companies are recognising the importance of considered CLPs, several London boroughs such as the City of London and Croydon now mandate use of the CLP guidance as a condition of their planning approval. Globally there is interest beyond Europe with Australia and the United States, notably New York, recognising that this vital sector of the industry requiring upskilling and the positive long-term future effects arising from addressing the impacts of this industry.

Working with TfL we are facing the challenges of construction logistics in a holistic and comprehensive way.

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