Atos with the Home Office

Change and Transformation in the Public Sector

Given the remit of Immigration Enforcement and Border Force, much of the work of these two parts of the Home Office can be challenging, dealing with illegal activity and some of society’s most vulnerable people.

Immigration Enforcement is responsible for preventing abuse, tracking immigration offenders and increasing compliance with immigration law. Its staff work across government and with employers, the voluntary sector and others to maximise compliance with the immigration rules. Border Force is a law enforcement command within the Home Office; its staff work to protect the vulnerable, secure the border and promote national prosperity by facilitating legitimate movement of people and goods.

Immigration Enforcement and Border Force officers need access to the right information at the right time to make complex decisions – often in high-pressure situations. That’s why both organisations have delivered fundamental changes to the way they work in the digital age.

An intense transformation journey

While much of the change has been about digitising previously offline processes, this transformation is ultimately about people, and the success of newly established and now entirely in-house Home Office teams, supported by Atos Consulting. In both organisations, staff have been on an intense journey, working together to implement new solutions that put people at the centre of Home Office decision-making.

Realising Immigration Enforcement’s vision to reduce the size of the illegal population and the harm it causes has required a complex and wide-ranging portfolio of Transformation programmes, delivered at pace to all staff. Both organisations’ transformation includes adoption of Atlas, the case-working system that enables a person-centred approach and provides a single view of each individual for joined-up working with partners.

Unprecedented challenges

Amidst an unprecedented combination of challenges including preparing for EU-exit and responding to Covid-19, change for nearly 10,000 staff has been orchestrated and embedded – ensuring that the expected benefits of these major transformations are now being achieved.

Thanks to the dedication and adaptability of people at all levels and locations, outcomes include a completely transformed capability to deliver successful change, as well as critical transformation of service delivery at ports, immigration offices and other locations.

As a result of these programmes, both Immigration Enforcement and Border Force now share common approaches to delivering change, equipping them for future transformations to meet their strategic and operational goals.

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