BAE Systems Digital Intelligence with an International Government

BAE Systems Digital Intelligence with the International Government


MCA Awards Finalist 2024In May 2021, an International Health Executive fell victim to the most substantial cyberattack on a state agency and the largest against a health service computer system in history. Following this attack, the Country’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) engaged BAE Systems Digital Intelligence to provide specialist advice and guidance to help grow its cyber security capability and build an adaptable defence model that would mature and strengthen the security posture of its nation. Our aim was to position this International NCSC as a strong and exemplary security capability, equipped to handle the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity threats and to enable the Country to better protect citizens through the fortification of the nation’s critical national infrastructure.

By applying our innovative and unique Security Threat and Risk Assessment (STARA®) product, we were able to quickly establish a prioritised set of activities that would support the customer to address its immediate needs to respond to a cyber-attack in the midst of a global pandemic as well as longer term solutions that resulted in a cost saving of over €2M.

Our STARA® consulting product takes a unique approach to security risk assessments. By incorporating evidence based threat intelligence we have designed a methodology that will identify key threat actors, their capability and motivation to detect vulnerabilities and the tactics, techniques and procedures spanning multiple domains (physical, technical, people and cyber) that they could adopt to launch an attack. STARA® seeks to address the weaknesses in a single-dimensional maturity assessment by combining the four, traditionally siloed domains into a single comprehensive risk assessment. Our ultimate goal for this customer by deploying STARA® was to provide concrete recommendations to drive wide-reaching and high impact change to national security through policy and strategy improvements.

Despite the complex geopolitical and technological challenges, the project not only met but exceeded expectations. The collaborative approach adopted by BAE Systems, involving stakeholders, government bodies and partners, resulted in a comprehensive and unified approach to cybersecurity that has facilitated the Country’s NCSC to expand and scale its delivery in line with the National Security Strategy and emerging EU directives. Our work has aligned the international client with world-leading NCSCs globally, positioning them as a leader in implementing cyber security and ensuring the country’s continued status as a safe and secure location for conducting business and potentially becoming an EU Data embassy, ultimately enhancing the economy and paving the way for a prosperous future.

By utilising our unique STARA® methodology we were able to save our customer over €2M which were subsequently redirected towards enhancing cyber capabilities in Ukraine. The achievements of BAE Systems Digital Intelligence throughout this partnership serve as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in the face of adversity.

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