Coeus Consulting with E.ON

As one of the world’s largest energy companies, E.ON needs to embrace the disruption currently spreading throughout its industry – and offer customers new channels, smarter services and simpler experiences.

But E.ON’s traditional approach to digital skills procurement was holding it back. Isolated in nature, and limited to a single supplier, it was preventing E.ON from:

  • Sourcing the right skills at the best price
  • Identifying the most cutting-edge solutions
  • Encouraging partners to invest in project outcomes

Coeus Consulting worked closely with E.ON to completely redesign its strategy for sourcing digital skills, applying Agile and Lean principles, and driving lower costs, greater productivity, and closer partnerships.

This meant capitalising on Coeus’ status as independent consultants to liaise with multiple suppliers and run joint workshops, collaborating to create the RFI and RFP.

It also meant working with sensitive procurement information to build a reusable commercial model for scoring vendor proposals. This model is helping E.ON:

  • Accurately assess the value offered by different suppliers
  • Reach transparent, objective sourcing decisions
  • Achieve stakeholder consensus at all levels

Coeus also helped E.ON create a new, flexible, modular contract framework. This framework lets the company engage few suppliers, and provision new skills, with a minimum of renegotiation – boosting procurement productivity, and accelerating the development of new digital services.

The new framework is also designed to encourage the supplier collaboration that’s so essential to the successful delivery of digital initiatives. To this end, it directly links supplier rewards to project outcomes, and mandates the sharing of information between project partners, as well as joint on-site working.

E.ON’s new sourcing strategy draws on disruptive methodologies to help the company embrace disruptive technologies time and time again – and ultimately, stay one step ahead of the competition, even in this era of rapid change.

Even better, it’s delivering huge commercial value for the company, through increased sourcing speed and flexibility, and significantly reduced costs:

  • A 33% reduction in supplier rates
  • €20m+ opportunity based on projected work
  • 3x faster supplier response rates