Coeus Consulting with E.ON

These days, the market for IT managed services is truly global. And that means your ideal supplier won’t always be the one that’s based just down the autobahn.

When energy giant E.ON found itself facing a significant cost increase to stay with its incumbent Managed Communications Services provider, T-Systems, Coeus Consulting helped the company make the informed decision that the right strategy was to take the services market.

Following the initial business case, Coeus helped E.ON run an international tender process, working closely with suppliers, key E.ON decisions-makers and regional representatives.

Through regular, radiating communications, and multiple workshops across Europe, E.ON was able to successfully reconcile the disparate regulatory needs of its various territories, and achieve consensus on a landmark deal with the India-headquartered Infosys.

Increasingly trusted by E.ON to lead on programme delivery, Coeus forged a strong relationship with the incoming supplier, and started driving the cultural alignment needed to realise the many benefits of the new agreement.

This involved:

  • Locating Coeus’ team on-site at E.ON’s Hannover offices, alongside key Infosys and E.ON personnel
  • Coaching Infosys on how best to present key solutions to E.ON
  • Organising social activities to bring together E.ON and Infosys staff

At the same time, Coeus expanded its communications activities, helping E.ON to build up a network of business users within each its territories to explain the coming changes, when they would be happening, and what training materials would be available.

Key outcomes of the programme have included:

  • €92m in projected cost savings for E.ON over the next five years
  • A superior MCS solution, with 12 new and 45 enhanced SLAs
  • A mandate for Infosys to deliver service innovation with real and tangible investment
  • A clearer, more flexible agreement structure
  • The seamless migration of many of these mission-crucial services

This is among the first pan-European, full MCS contracts to be won by an APAC vendor.

As such it’s a landmark deal for both Infosys and E.ON – which has been rewarded for taking the bold move to switch away from an extremely local supplier.