EY with the Health Service Executive 

Performance Improvement in the Public Sector

We helped Ireland’s health service transform its recruitment processes as it responded rapidly to COVID-19. The Health Service Executive (HSE) is responsible for providing healthcare to everyone living in Ireland.

In 2020-21, the HSE received an unprecedented level of investment towards funding 16,000 new posts to improve services in response to COVID-19. It was critical that this once in a generation investment was appropriately tracked and monitored.

The HSE asked EY to help it build the appropriate infrastructure, processes and ways of working to give it the required capabilities. Impressed by the quality of the early insights our team presented to the HSE Board, the client invited us to broaden our initial remit and create a Joint Strategic Taskforce to work with the business on delivering its requirements for 2021.

We created a Joint Strategic Workforce Planning and Resourcing Taskforce with the objectives of:

  • Building a recruitment infrastructure that enables data-driven decision making
  • Forging collaborative relationships among the HSE services, National Recruitment Service and other recruitment and HR stakeholders
  • Instilling new ways of working and encouraging a culture and mindset shift

The integrated team’s work has produced a sea change in the HSE’s approach to recruitment within a remarkably short period and built a blueprint that sets it up for future success. Visibility of data and improved collaboration now allows neighbouring local health authorities to combine forces, while accurate analysis of supply and demand allows targeted campaigns.

Key outcomes:

  • We created an enduring centralised database
  • We co-ordinated a recruitment blueprint for future recruitment activity
  • New data analysts have been hired to use the infrastructure we developed, with over 100 resources trained to use the new database and Powerbase dashboards

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