GHD Advisory with the Cabinet Office

GHD Advisory with the Cabinet Office

Change and Transformation in the Public Sector

MCA Awards Finalist 2024To respond to post-Brexit trade needs, the UK government established the Port Infrastructure Fund (PIF) to enable construction of necessary infrastructure supporting border checks. Partway through implementation of the PIF, the Cabinet Office sought to review progress and assess effectiveness against policy changes and border transformation needs, at which point our team was engaged.

Alongside partners Costain, our team’s involvement marked a pivotal shift in approach and bolstered HMG’s capabilities. We steered the government beyond isolated execution of the PIF towards a holistic assessment of border processes, enhancing international supply chain security and efficiency for both goods and passengers while mitigating the impact on the UK economy. This pivot not only fortified the Cabinet Office’s internal capabilities but also delivered the infrastructure within the context of policy updates – a feat seldom accomplished.

With experts allocated across project disciplines, our team, combined with the Cabinet Office, delivered:

• Transformation of border trade approach post-Brexit
• PIF within budget and schedule

In addition to our core objectives, our efforts yielded broader benefits:

• £300million in savings captured for other government infrastructure spend outside of the PIF.
• £1billion per annum reduction in potential cost burdens on the supply chain industry and ultimately the consumer, as described within 28 April 2022 UK Parliament Written Statement.
• The creation and dissemination of tools, knowledge management, and training to empower government teams for ongoing border processing delivery.

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