Gobeyond Partners with HSBC


As one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations, HSBC’s global colleagues require more effective interconnectivity as they respond to increasingly complex needs.

HSBC wanted to unify their global team with a common approach to operations. A ground-up people-focused change programme was designed to achieve this, giving valuable skills to their colleagues and building a self-sustaining culture of excellence.

Working collaboratively with Gobeyond Partners they have established a bespoke transformation programme to deliver change on a phenomenal scale. It has supported 25,000 people in 35 countries, from Argentina and Armenia to Uruguay and Vietnam.

Our client sponsor compared running a business without sound operational foundations to driving a car without a dashboard. The programme gives individuals across the organisation access to the right data, an understanding of how to read and respond to it, and a unified focus from senior leaders to front-line colleagues on using operations to drive a great service for customers.
It was not without challenges, as the programme was completely redrawn by the impacts of COVID-19. Overnight a deployment for 4,000 people across 15 locations was changed to a virtual programme based on remote delivery. However, we found that teams who had been through the programme already performed 10% better with the challenges of working from home than others.

Programme graduates say it has made them stronger leaders who are more connected to their team. Benefits were rapidly created (within 10-12 weeks for each cycle of improvement), and the programme has delivered three times return on investment.

The Head of Transformation has described the programme as “hands down the best, most reliable investment we have made in the last five years.”

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