IBM Consulting with Coca-Cola Europacific Partners PLC

Commercial Impact

Since 2017 CCEP and IBM have been on an exciting journey together. The relationship has evolved from one of a transactional “vendor” to a “trusted partner”. Together, we have delivered procurement transformation to overcome many challenges and developed innovative solutions to CCEP’s evolving business needs. This journey is founded on strong commercial performance, first-class user experience and highly motivated talent.

Throughout the journey IBM have supported CCEP through numerous crises such as the impact of Covid, broken supply chains, geopolitical instability, and rising commodity prices. IBM also supported CCEP during plants disruptions and the acquisition of a major bottler in Asia-Pacific.

Together we have delivered multi-million Euros worth of benefits, exceeded stakeholders’ satisfaction targets, and flexed the service delivery model to reflect the changing requirements. We also re-designed how we jointly measure success by moving away from a linear SLA approach to a holistic satisfaction measure. We have transformed CCEP’s purchasing activity through infusing user-friendly automation, robotics and artificial intelligence resulting in a high percentage of operations being automated and a dramatic increase in catalogue coverage. IBM have improved spend transparency by classifying nearly 100% of all direct and indirect spend, leading to growth in win-win supplier relationships. Moreover, spend analytics powered by AI capabilities, and the linkage of internal and external data sources, has enabled the delivery of strategic insights. These insights have supported CCEP to develop new innovative category strategies delivering significant value.

Our success has been tirelessly driven by collaboration, honest feedback, and an insight- and value-driven approach. In this relationship, IBM have a track record of flexibility, co-investment and putting the client first.

Ralf Peters, Vice President Procurement, CCEP: “The collaboration with IBM has been instrumental in supporting the strategic vision of our organisation and brought insights and value in previously untapped areas of business spend. Our partnership has delivered significant added value in times of crises (e.g. Covid-induced supply chain challenges, war in Ukraine) through allowing our strategic teams to focus on value-add activities.”

Anthony Breach, Director Procurement Centre of Excellence, CCEP: “Our partnership has delivered value and a highly adaptable service, which has been successfully flexing around our changing business needs. Together, we uncovered value opportunities and improved data visibility that has previously not been seen. In terms of user experience, we supported our business stakeholders through automation of the operational processes.”

Vanya Petrovic, Global Digital Director, Procurement, CCEP: “IBM’s analytics service has allowed us to exploit and consolidate our external and internal data sources. It provided valuable insights to our strategic category teams. The service has enabled them to access the holistic spend information in an easy way and deliver incremental value to our business and customers.”

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