Inner Circle Consulting with the London Borough of Hounslow


Imagine what it feels like to be the Chief Executive of an organisation that is responsible for the education, prosperity, well-being and safety of 270,000 people. That employs 7,000 staff from all walks of life with a huge range of backgrounds and skills. That is the ultimate custodian of a place covering 60 sq km right next to the world’s seventh largest airport. Imagine all of that (daunting right?), then layer over the top local political leadership that has ultimate command of you and the organisation. If you’re not imagining and it’s actually you, then your name is Niall Bolger and you are the Chief Executive of the London Borough of Hounslow.

“Hi, I’d like to change the strategy of my organisation”, said Niall. Those calls don’t come along very often but that’s exactly how Inner Circle’s work with Hounslow Council started in July 2019. What followed was an intense, immersive and exceptionally collaborative consultancy project that has set the national benchmark for future Council strategic pivots towards economic growth.

During a fast-paced strategic consultancy commission the ICC team aligned disparate corporate strategy, redesigned economic policy, rethought organisational strategy and operations and transformed the Council to position it to embark on a programme that would unlock 8,000 additional homes, 26,000 new jobs, over £50m in additional income and a whopping £4 billion of wider economic benefits. Not bad for four months work!

Inner Circle believe that the best solutions are yet to be discovered and the best outcomes yet to be delivered. The team approaches each project by marrying strategy and delivery so that the long-term focus is maintained whilst progress is made on delivery.

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