Best New Consultancy

MCA Awards Finalist 2024Liqueo is a management consultancy firm that proudly specialises in asset and wealth management. This specialisation is intentional, stemming from a desire to better serve the industry. Our consultants have an average of 15 years of experience in asset and wealth management, enabling us to provide tailored, effective solutions to our clients without the focus dilution often observed in other firms.

At Liqueo, nobody has entered the sector by chance. Everyone has dedicated their careers to the buy-side, making us experts in our field. This guarantees our clients receive genuine problem-solvers who have tackled these challenges time and time again and can therefore make a significant impact. Our clients benefit from our detailed knowledge of the asset management technology landscape, grounded in our understanding of its integration into their trade flows and broader operating model.

Understanding that our expertise is our product, we recognise our people as our greatest asset and treat them accordingly. By investing in our team, we empower them to deliver exceptional results for our clients. We focus on the growth and development of every individual within our organisation through various means, including our unique offering: an in-house executive coaching team that provides personalised coaching. With specialists ranging from performance coaching by former professional athletes to experts in executive leadership and wellbeing, we adopt a comprehensive approach. This enables our team to explore their aspirations and development goals, helping them to fulfill their potential. Over the past year, more than 1,000 hours of training were delivered, and we empower our team further by providing each employee with a significant annual training budget and three days of training leave for professional development. Everyone is supported in utilising this opportunity through their line manager and coach.

Our commitment to our people has delivered overwhelming positive results, as evidenced by our performance in the Sunday Times Best Places to Work survey. Notable achievements include a 2% flight risk—41% below the industry average—and a 91% score in Rewards & Recognition, 19% above the industry average. This score reflects satisfaction in areas such as fair pay, work hours, and recognition for good work. Employee satisfaction is also mirrored in our excellent Glassdoor rating of 4.6 stars.

We credit this investment in our team as the reason we’ve achieve such remarkable growth—over 3,000% revenue growth in the past three years. This financial success is matched by our talent pool expansion, with the headcount now exceeding 100. As we look forward to continuing our journey, this commitment to our people will continue to underpin and drive our strategy.

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