OutForm Consulting

Best New Consultancy

MCA Awards Finalist 2024OutForm Consulting: Transforming Consultancy with Integrity and Excellence

OutForm was established with a straightforward aim: to create a team that can support complex organisations in delivering essential services in consulting. We specialise in providing consultancy advisory services through a team of 35 professionals. The workforce is diverse in many ways, with women representing 60% of our team and collectively, we possess over 350 years of experience in client side infrastructure industries.

We aim to set a new standard for excellence in consulting via specialisation and precision. This challenge is to ensure both our people and clients succeed. A key part of this approach is being selective about projects. It isn’t about being exclusive to a sector, instead it’s about making sure we can always deliver on outputs in several key areas, with particular expertise in water utility management.

Our Approach
OutForm’s strategy involves working closely with every level of client organisations to achieve their goals. This method focuses on enhancing the skills of clients and introducing new ways of working to bring about significant and lasting change. In the fast-changing field of infrastructure management, we help our clients use cutting-edge technologies and adopt green practices, improving their overall performance.

Our direction changed significantly after a management buyout in June 2022, led by Brian Thompson, one of the original partners and Managing Director. This move aimed to give our brand a distinct identity, establish fundamental values, and focus more on specific markets and growing the team. At an offsite event in September 2022, the team defined these values, focusing on acting ethically and creating a culture of trust and respect. The principle of ‘Debate, decide, deliver’ encourages the team to take ownership of their tasks and face challenges head-on, while a commitment to putting customers first and prioritising value ensures high-quality service. These values and strategic choices are key to leading in innovation and excellence within our chosen industries.

The impact of newer strategies is reflected in our collective success over the past 18 months:

• Double digit growth in revenue.
• The Reflect score, a measure of engagement and satisfaction, increased signnificantly.
• The team trebled in size and we opened our Belfast and Edinburgh hubs.
• We improved employee benefits and rewards, showing a strong commitment to our people.

Delivering value to our clients
By staying ahead with smart planning and new technologies, we aim to stand out as a boutique management consultancy. We value protecting our unique approach and working towards a world class experience for our people and clients, placing ESG and digital solutions at the heart of everything we do. We are proud of our journey so far and have set ourself up for success in 2024 and beyond.

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