OutForm Consulting with Northern Ireland Water

Change and Transformation in the Public Sector

MCA Awards Finalist 2024OutForm Consulting & Northern Ireland Water: Transforming Public Sector Operations Through Digital Innovation


OutForm embarked on a transformative project with Northern Ireland Water (NIW), to support NIW in using data effectively, which affected service quality, asset management, and meeting environmental standards. OutForm’s expertise brought about a significant shift towards better data use, enhancing service delivery and regulatory compliance.

The Approach

The collaboration centred on blending technological advancements with an improvement focusing on clear communication, responsibility, and teamwork. A standout feature was the development of Digital Performance Hubs. These platforms provided instant access to operational data, promoting a culture where decisions are made based on accurate information.

The goals were to:

  • Bring in the latest technology and analytics, encouraging a mindset of ongoing improvement.
  • Introduce systems that allow for quick access to data on how well assets are performing, aiding in fast decision-making.

Process Management

A diverse team from OutForm, skilled in strategy, engineering, and data visualisation set out to support NIW. The project involved significant training for NIW staff, new data analytics tools, upgrading equipment, effective data handling, and leadership involvement to ensure the project aligned with NIW’s broader goals.

Communicating the project’s goals, progress, and successes was key to building trust and keeping staff motivated and involved.

Challenges and Solutions

Merging new digital solutions with NIW’s existing systems required careful planning. The initiative faced obstacles such as integrating different data sources and managing cultural shifts within NIW. OutForm’s strategy included:

  • Introducing Digital Performance Hubs for live insights.
  • Using digital tools to track actions, encouraging responsibility and teamwork.
  • Employing dashboards for a live view of asset performance, improving operational efficiency.
  • Enhancing Asset Management and Capital Programmes for better planning and delivery.

Results and Benefits

The project led to:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency and smarter asset management, improving cost-effectiveness.
  • A shift towards ongoing improvement, supported by staff training and collaboration.
  • Better service reliability and support for around 1.8 million people.
  • Improved work processes and a culture of innovation for over 1,300 employees.
  • Positive impacts on environmental sustainability and local wildlife through smarter resource use.
  • Partnership Dynamics

The partnership was marked by constructive dialogue, with OutForm introducing new ideas and challenging existing practices. The use of OutForm’s methodology ensured that solutions were tailored and effective, and this led to the creation of a strong and productive relationship.


This project between OutForm Consulting and NIW is a example of how digital innovation can address operational inefficiencies, leading to improved efficiency, sustainability, and service quality.

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