BearingPoint with Slater Gordon

BearingPoint’s submission within the Performance Improvement category for Private Sector focuses on the transformation of the Personal Injury intake operation of one of the UK’s largest consumer law firms, Slater Gordon.  

Through an initial discovery phase, three core areas of opportunity for performance improvement were identified;  

  1. Improving the efficiency of the intake process, which consisted of multiple steps and challenges
  2. Developing the frontline management capability to drive team performance
  3. Providing improved access to data and enablers to use this effectively 

Each area for improvement was tackled with a focused workstreamThe process workstream drastically reduced the number of steps required to process a case, achieving financial savings well above our business case, and greatly improving the customer journey. This was achieved by using manufacturing improvement methodologies and a unique approach of improvement trials that allowed the Slater Gordon frontline to take ownership.  

To facilitate the transformation of frontline management ability at Slater Gordon, we applied our established management transformation methodology known as Active Manager. Frontline managers were put through an intensive Management Development Workshop and then supported through the programme by BearingPoint trained internal coaches. Having been set ambitious productivity and quality targets, every team saw improvements. 

Finally, BearingPoint embarked on transforming how Slater Gordon used data, through the creation of two data dashboards. Allowing frontline managers to analyse the performance of their teams and giving senior managers the ability to conduct their own analysis and allow data-driven business decisions.   

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