PwC with Shell Energy

The energy sector is undergoing radical upheaval, driven by the demand for more, cleaner energy and the impact of digital disruption.

To combat this Shell embarked on a journey to redefine itself as a more simple, agile and digitally enabled business, it chose to adopt SAP’s S/4HANA Cloud. S/4HANA Cloud is the last word in enterprise software, and can change the way a business operates, putting essential information at managers’ fingertips and allowing the company to respond immediately to changes in the business environment.

Shell is a big organisation, so it knew that to manage this transition with minimal disruption, it would need to invest significantly in stakeholder engagement and change management across the business. It would need to help its stakeholders to see beyond the sales slides and web demos to really understand the opportunities S/4HANA Cloud would present for them and the transformative nature of the journey ahead.

PwC and SAP created an innovative, immersive experience that would allow audiences across Shell and the wider oil & gas sector to experience S/4HANA Cloud for themselves, set within the context of a fictional organisation – Maverick NexGen Energies.

The ‘Maverick’ project brought together a diverse group of PwC consultants from a wide range of service lines as part of a tight-knit PwC-Shell-SAP team that together created the storyboard and developed creative immersion formats, live challenges, webcasts, videos and more.

Maverick has been experienced by over 500 individuals from across Shell’s Finance, IT, Contracting and Procurement functions, as well as its Upstream and Downstream lines of business, and has effectively cemented the adoption of S/4HANA Cloud as Shell’s new digital core.

The journey continues, and the destination’s appeal is growing for Shell, with new extensions to the storytelling and innovative new formats such as interactive VR under development.

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