Sysdoc with a Global Automotive Company

Change and Transformation in the Private Sector

Since 2010, we have been supporting our client on a journey that has been incremental for both of us. It is a relationship that has grown in trust and respect, along with being able to evolve and adapt to the ongoing changing landscape in the industry. The Business Transformation team provide a blended solution of training, change management and process expertise, aligned to our methodology, which was well leveraged on the client’s programme. This world renowned, leading automotive company has a reputation we wanted to nurture and grow, to align with their internal processes and ways of working.

At Sysdoc we exist to help our clients to transform, adapt and operate in order for them to achieve their ambitions, and to provide their people with opportunities that allow them to thrive. Enabling simpler, smarter ways of working in industries that are having to think on the spot and respond to every day challenges is how we want to make a difference.

To be able to recognise our client and our team in this project is truly an honour and an inspiration for our entire organisation. “Having led the team from 2019, to date. The team of Business Change Managers, Trainers, a PMO manager, and Business Process experts were fantastic, highly skilled and working in true synergy to deliver an outstanding product for the client.” Sacha Galloway, Business Change Lead for Sysdoc.

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