Eden McCallum joins the MCA

The MCA is pleased to announce that Eden McCallum has recently joined the Association.

Founded in 2000, Eden McCallum offers a flexible approach to management consultancy, bringing its global team of consultants to critical management challenges, from strategy to transformation. Eden McCallum’s in-house partners shape and lead every project, forming teams of associate consultants with the optimal skills and experience for their clients, leveraging their extensive network to bring unique expertise and supporting them with in-house business analysts.

Dena McCallum, Founding Partner, said:

“We are delighted to have joined the MCA, an organisation that is a cornerstone of the management consulting community. We look forward to participating in MCA activities and offering a fresh perspective on management consulting, given our innovative business model of working primarily with independent consultants to serve our clients on their most pressing strategic issues. At a time when the future of work is at the forefront of everyone’s agenda, we are pleased to be able to provide a different perspective on this topic to our co-members at the MCA and to the business community more broadly.”

Tamzen Isacsson, Chief Executive of the MCA, added:

“The MCA represents a diverse range of members and we are delighted to welcome Eden McCallum to the Association. We look forward to their contributions to industry discussions, particularly their perspective on global hybrid working and the future of work. This is a timely moment for the sector to come together to share best practice and we welcome adding Eden McCallum’s voice to these conversations.”

More information on Eden McCallum can be found at www.edenmccallum.com.