Chartered Management Consultant Award (ChMC) achieves major milestone

  • 23 MCA firms now confirmed as participating in the Chartered Management Consultant Award
  • 1500+ consultants on journey to be chartered
  • Communications project with key clients to commence in 2020
  • 250 management consultants now awarded Chartered status

Over 1,500 consultants and 23 firms are now participating in the Chartered Management Consultant Award (ChMC), and 250 management consultants have been awarded Chartered status. The award, which recognises consistent and high levels of professional competency and achievement, was created in joint partnership between the Management Consultancies Association (MCA), the trade association for the UK’s leading consulting firms, and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), appointed by the Privy Council as the Awarding Body, and aims to set the highest standards in the management consulting profession.

Chartered individuals who have been assessed on their experience are benchmarked against their ethics and behaviour, their leadership and management, their personal and professional development and their experience and knowledge of the client operating environment. Those recently awarded Chartered status include the UK and Ireland Government and Public Sector Leader for EY and the Head of Clients and Markets at PwC as well as the Managing Partner of PPL, highlighting the level of expertise and leadership that ChMC recognises.

With the pilot stage of ChMC now completed, the key benefits of the award to various stakeholders, including clients of consultancy firms, will be more widely conveyed in the coming weeks and months.  A communications project by the MCA and CMI has been developed and will be implemented across a number of platforms with the help of those firms who have been accredited and involving major clients in the private and public sector. The importance of the Chartered Management Consultant Award to government is reflected in the representation of the Cabinet Office and other Government officials on the ChMC Oversight Board.

Firms of all sizes are also now involved in ChMC, including IBM, PwC, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, EY, KPMG, PPL, Arcadis, Mott MacDonald, Atkins and Gobeyond Partners, Moorhouse Consulting, North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS), Arup and Akeso. The feedback from these management consulting firms has been crucial in developing the ChMC award with the CMI and MCA and they have also been securing professional accreditation for their training programmes against the Management Consulting Competency Framework. The Framework underpins the Chartered Management Consultant Award and gives individual consultants the opportunity to benchmark their development and capabilities against an independent professional standard.

Tamzen Isacsson, Chief Executive of the MCA, said:

“Despite all the disruptive events of 2020, it is encouraging to see the Chartered Management Consultant Award (ChMC) achieving significant interest and take up throughout our industry with widespread representation of small, medium and large firms now involved. Now, more than ever, this important initiative will help clients, as well as other key stakeholders, distinguish firms and individuals who have been professionally accredited and recognised as maintaining the highest standards. We’ve witnessed a significant increase in individuals wanting to invest time in achieving this award and using this period to show they can meet the highest standards in the management consultancy profession.”

Ann Francke OBE, Chief Executive of the CMI, added:

“I am delighted to see that take-up of the award is going from strength to strength. As this network grows, it will become an invaluable asset to the industry for sharing best practice, developing new talent and retaining seasoned professionals. I believe momentum behind the Chartered Management Consultant Award (ChMC) is growing, because it represents a clear signal, not only of your professionalism and trustworthiness, but of the strength of your values. Whatever new ways of working we will see come about over the coming years due to the events of 2020, value-driven leadership will only become more important.”

Management consultants have long played a fundamental role in guiding public sector institutions’ strategies by providing extra capacity, specialist knowledge and expertise. Departments have faced unprecedented volumes of work and using external resources has enabled the Government to work quickly and with intensity on major programmes across the UK. Due to this partnership, Government has taken a particular interest in the development of ChMC.

Gareth Clark, Deputy Director Professional Services at the Crown Commercial Service, said:

“It is reassuring to see a strong interest across the sector in driving up standards with so many consultants either having achieved their award or working toward the Chartered Management Consultant Award. The Crown Commercial Service has welcomed the opportunity to work with the CMI and MCA in shaping the requirements of this qualification. Public sector customers will be able to see a kite mark of integrity and professionalism at a time when those values have never been more crucial”

Tamzen Isacsson concluded:

“Management Consultancy is a profession that has a significant impact on all aspects of business and public services. It plays an important part in business success through the provision of high quality, timely and effective management solutions. Having a recognised standard of qualifications, knowledge, and experience provides an assurance to businesses of being given the best possible advice.”

The award will be fully launched in Spring 2021 and is open to all firms and individuals interested in achieving the highest professional standards required for Chartered status.

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