Consultant recruitment on the rise again in 2010

Prism Executive Recruitment, who focus on appointments in Management Consulting and related markets, recently undertook a survey of  candidates and employers that produced a mixed picture with apparently paradoxical results. On the one side candidates were divided between those finding their job search very slow and others finding the market buoyant, with no real difference from the responses of six months earlier. However the overwhelming majority of employers said they were actively hiring, were much more likely to recruit than in May 2009, and that candidates with the right skills were hard to find.

Prism Executive Recruitment is finding that since January there has been a noticeable upturn in some parts of the market and over half of their vacancies are currently for consultants in the Financial Services sector. As might be expected there has also been a significant fall off in Public Sector hiring. Pleasingly, there are real signs of candidates venturing back into the market, but also evidence of salary auctions, candidates getting multiple offers and candidates using offers to secure better deals with their current employers.

Top Consultant also presented the results of their annual survey on 12 March 2010. They gained responses from 138 recruiters and over 1000 candidates. Their headlines are:

  • 75% of employers expect to increase hiring this year whilst 1/3rd expect to be making considerably more hires than last year. These are the most positive responses since 2007.
  • Analysis by sector confirms that Financial Services hiring is booming and other hot spots include Energy and Utilities and Telecoms and Media. It also indicates the Public Sector hiring is indeed expected to be much reduced…

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