Consulting Industry Body Publishes New Wave of Firm Commitments to High Standards

The MCA (Management Consultancies Association) has published a new wave of Consulting Excellence Declarations which set out member firms’ commitment to meet the standards of the industry Association’s Consulting Excellence scheme.

In all, 30 new Declarations are published today on the MCA’s website ( The Declarations provide evidence of each firm’s support for the nine Consulting Excellence principles. The principles set out commitments to industry best practice in Ethical Behaviour, Client Service and Value, and Professional Development.

Examples of evidence contained in this round of consultancy declarations include:

  • All employees of Arcadis are required to comply with the company’s Arcadis General Business Principles (AGBP) and to attend bi-annual mandatory training in the values of integrity, Client Success, Collaboration, Sustainability and People First.
  • Gate One host performance management cycles every six months to enable regular honest conversations, while their coaching programme also ensures that there is someone looking out for all their employees.
  • Sysdoc recently rolled out their Quality Champion Initiative, where they place two carefully selected quality champions at each client site, to conduct frequent peer reviews.
  • PwC is an accredited UK Living Wage Employer.
  • OEE Consulting undertook a major piece of qualitative research to understand exactly how they can build on their success to deliver even more value to clients, both now and in the future. This has informed their own business transformation.
  • At Integration, every new professional is introduced to the Ethical Principles of the ID One Human Factor Methodology™ through a structured cultural training programme, and regular cultural/ethical training throughout the course of their career.
  • KPMG have a far-reaching Quality and Risk Management (“QRM”) team that develops, maintains and continuously improves policies and procedures. The head of QRM also has a seat on the Board to ensure the right attention is paid to QRM at the top level of the organisation.
  • IBM fosters a highly ethical culture through its Business Conduct Guidelines Programme – an active code of business conduct and ethics for all IBM employees world- wide.
  • At the heart of GE Healthcare Partners Integrity program is The Spirit & The Letter, a code of conduct and set of policies that cover integrity commitments. Their employees complete mandatory training in ethical business practices every year and have access to a wide range of resources to help them ‘do the right thing’ and to ‘do things right’ in every situation.

Two years since it was launched, the Consulting Excellence scheme has gained great momentum. Consulting firms, clients and the national media alike have all rallied and demonstrated their support. John Manzoni, Chief Executive of the Civil Service, commented that Consulting Excellence “aligns with government’s aim to increase the value that public services generate from the consulting industry…an industry-wide focus on providing value and behaving responsibly is essential for the successful delivery of government’s objectives…[consulting firms should] fully incorporate [Consulting Excellence’s] principles when bidding for and providing services to government and the wider public sector.”

Similar thoughts have been echoed by big 4 consultancy KPMG. Nigel Slater, Head of Management Consulting said “Consulting Excellence is a great platform for us to affirm to our clients and our people the value that we bring. It enables the industry to raise the bar in terms of what being a consulting firm means and being transparent on the high standards that we set for ourselves within the MCA”

The Declarations published today are::
Able and How

Akeso & Co


ASE Consulting

Atos Consulting


BMT Hi-Q Sigma

Bourton Group

Capita Transformation


Decision Technology

Egremont Group

Gate One

GE Healthcare Partners

Greengrass Consulting

IBM Global Business Services

Integration Consulting





Oakland Consulting

OEE Consulting





Thales Cyber & Consulting

The Observatory International



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