Manifesto for Growth

The UK’s management consulting industry has published its 5-point manifesto for the 2017 general election. Its top priority is a ‘50% uplift in public and private spending on education and research’ that, says the MCA (Management Consultancies Association), is needed to enable the UK to win ‘the education arms race’ after Brexit.

The Association argues that the next UK government must join up its policies on a number of fronts if the UK is to prosper as an international success story. It has identified 5 priorities for action:

  • Win the Education Arms Race
  • Foster and extend our international ‘value-add’ economy
  • Embrace the Digital Revolution to improve productivity
  • Radically devolve power and opportunity to communities across the UK
  • Conduct Brexit negotiations in a spirit of partnership and mutual advantage

The MCA has put forward these proposals based on consultations with its member firms which include many of the global consulting firms as well as specialist UK companies.

The MCA says: “The Article 50 outcomes are only helpful if they support growth, and preserve and extend the UK’s global standing. Only then will we be able to afford the education reforms needed to lock in that growth for the long term. And only through a radical reshaping and devolution of opportunity can we ensure that all parts of Britain support and benefit from our continuing international standing.”

Download a copy of the Manifesto here.

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Management Consultancies Association

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