MCA and BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Develop Gender Diversity Toolkit for Digital

With thanks to the brilliant and imaginative input of BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, we are delighted to launch this new member benefit: a toolkit for achieving gender diversity in digital advisory. The toolkit is exclusively for the use of MCA member firms and their selected partners.

As part of the MCA’s Year of Diversity, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence and the MCA hosted a series of workshops for consulting firms and clients on the gender diversity challenges facing the tech sector, digital advisory and management consulting.

The output from the workshops is distilled here in this toolkit. The toolkit is divided into sections or modules, allowing it to be adapted to fit various contexts.

The findings focus on challenges facing women as they navigate paths into science and technical disciplines, into the digital sphere, into digital advisory, and thus into the culture of consulting. Many of the lessons also apply to consulting more generally, as well as to issues facing other diversity categories.

Accordingly, there should be elements within this toolkit that are of use to all consulting practices. These may indeed be especially pertinent to how they evidence their commitment to Consulting Excellence, especially pillars one (Ethical Behaviour) and three (Professional Development).

In a week when yet another senior male in a major digital disruptor displays insensitivity and ignorance on gender diversity questions, we think that this is a timely product. If MCA member firms achieve compliance with even half of the suggestions in this toolkit, the beneficial outcomes should be palpable.   

The Toolkit can be downloaded here.