MCA Consulting Excellence Client Survey

Management consulting is a critical professional service and a great British export. Consultants advise organisations in all sectors of the economy. They help clients achieve efficiency, manage disruption, harness digital, cut costs and grow. The MCA’s new Consulting Excellence framework commits our member firms to the highest standards of ethical behaviour, client service and value, and professional development. We have undertaken to test how far our member firms live up to these standards in the eyes of those they serve, their clients. By responding to this survey, you will have an opportunity to help shape the future of an industry whose services you use. You can feedback on what you value in consulting and also raise concerns.

We appreciate that many client organisations are complex, multinational and multifunctional. Individual divisions may have quite distinct consulting needs. So there is no limit on the number of returns provided by any organisation. You may choose to provide a single piece of feedback. Or you may permit individual responses from divisions, branches, functions or from the major users of consultants. Provided the organisational role of the person completing the return is different in each case, then every response will be valid.

The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Respondents have the option to supply their name and email address, so that they can receive a copy of the final report. However, the anonymity of respondents and their firms will be scrupulously protected. No respondent or their firm will be identified (or deducible) in the published report.

The survey will close on 14th July at 17:00

Begin the survey here: Consulting Excellence Client Survey

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