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New Economy 2020 and Beyond


Brexit is a seismic moment. It presents extraordinary challenges. It offers significant opportunities. But it is also a chance to reflect, think, debate and chart a new course for the UK and the economy. This report, The New Economy 2020 and Beyond, represents the management consulting industry’s first contribution to that process of reflection, argument and renewal.

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The chapters in this report constitute initial discussion of a range of topics, including transformation of the economy, devolution, education and digital. We also comment on the nature of the Brexit negotiations themselves. In doing so, the report constitutes the Management Consultancies Association’s formal response to the Industrial Strategy Green Paper, while also commenting on the Brexit White Paper, the Government Transformation Strategy and the recent Digital Strategy.

In effect, though, this is management consulting’s own Green Paper. Each of the chapter headings here will initiate a range of new work streams for the Association. We will use these to continue our constructive engagement with Government on the implications of Brexit and to furnish policymakers, as well as partner interests, clients and our own member firms, with ideas and tools to help make Britain’s post- Brexit future a success.