Sysdoc: Preparing for a future that you genuinely can’t predict

If the current pandemic shows us anything, it’s that there’s always a chance of something coming from leftfield and catching us completely by surprise.

In this case, the global impact of this pandemic demands we think differently about how we interact and work, posing a threat to organisations large and small that need to adapt and adapt fast. Some of the largest companies in the world have had their business continuity plans exposed as the reality that less than a third of their workforces can concurrently work remotely has come to light. This has delayed decisions to invoke wholesale remote working and added to the anxiety and uncertainty of their employees.

So, when you do not know what the future holds, how do you make sure you are ready for the future?

Here at Sysdoc we’ve been giving this some careful thought and whilst it’s clear that a crystal ball isn’t the answer, we do recognise common traits in organisations who seem to do well in turbulent, unpredictable times. These ‘progressive’ organisations seem to be able to adapt whatever happens through a mix of agility, flexibility, resilience, the right culture and behaviours and a willingness to embrace change.

First and foremost, it’s about people and the skills and capabilities they need. For a simple and very practical example ask yourself how many of your team use Office 365 or Google and how many really know how to utilise its full potential? Hands up if you’ve been on a crash course on how best to use Teams in the last two weeks!

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