Huthwaite International: Changing behaviours – remotely

by Huthwaite International

Prepare your teams now, ready for tomorrow

With schools, colleges and universities on lock down as a result of the Coronavirus, talk has moved towards virtual and digital learning solutions. Certainly, at the higher levels, universities and colleges are well versed in using technology to supplement and even replace traditional classroom delivery of lessons and sessions. There isn’t a student anywhere in the world who hasn’t had to log on to some platform to gain access to learning materials, videos of lectures, assignments and other course support information.

But in the corporate world, the challenges are different. In formal education, for the most part, students are working towards qualifications, many of which are gained through either sitting exams or submitting written course work. The object of these assessment measures is to assess understanding of the course curriculum. Its goal is proving knowledge has been acquired and can be recalled.

In corporate learning, there is quite a lot of training and learning that is similarly focused on learning facts, figures, protocols, regulations and policies. But the highest impact learning activity we engage in when we are in work, goes beyond knowledge…

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