Cognizant Consulting: AI in Life Sciences: Faster Cures for Viral disease

The COVID-19 pandemic reaffirms why AI is essential to accelerating the time it takes to discover a treatment for all types of viral disease.

COVID-19 is upending life as we know it. The potential effect of this viral disease on mortality and public health, as well as the lasting socioeconomic impact of the crisis, is unfathomable.

To mitigate the wide-scale impact of this growing pandemic, our hopes are trained on a vaccine, prophylactic or curative, and the life sciences industry that can produce it. Prior to the emergence of COVID-19, advanced forms of artificial intelligence (AI) were facilitating and accelerating each stage of the researchdiscovery and production process. Now, AI continues to be an essential tool in the search for “repurposable” molecules. The COVID-19 fight reaffirms why advanced technologies like AI are essential to accelerating the time it takes to discover treatments and cures for all types of disease, infectious ones notwithstanding…

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