EY: Responding to COVID-19: what’s now and next for the UK industrials sector?

by EY

We believe that there are four key pillars which all businesses need to address to respond to COVID-19. Here I highlight the actions that industrial manufacturers in the UK can take to maintain current operations and be ready for what lies ahead.

Put people first

Whether a UK industrial manufacturer is struggling to meet demand from the health sector or scaling down due to business exposure to the aviation sector, people safety remains the top priority. This brings with it immediate logistical challenges. How can social distance be implemented on the shop floor without production faltering? How can office staff, who are used to working side by side to keep complex operations running smoothly, replicate that process while working remotely? Creative thinking and careful planning are key – whether redesigning shift changeovers to reduce contact or getting the right virtual meeting technology and culture up and running.

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