PwC: COVID-19: 7 steps for effective crisis communication

by PwC

As the COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) pandemic spreads around the world, so can misinformation. Amid the noise, it’s up to organisations to provide accurate information. While the full economic impact of the pandemic is still to be felt, supply chains could be disrupted and customers inconvenienced. People are looking for reassurance from sources they trust. And, if you consider the Edelman Trust Barometer revealed that employees now look to organisations as a more trusted source of information than the media and government, the importance of communication is paramount.

Communication strategy during these types of events, however long they may last, can be critical, and the same three basic principles of communication apply: transparency, compassion, and ownership. But the COVID-19 pandemic is a complex event that affects many elements of a business – so what else can organisations do?

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By Melanie Butler, Partner, UK Territory Crisis Leader and Alexa Highfield, Communications Director