Vendigital: COVID-19 and the Impact on Print Media

A Changing Landscape

It’s fair to say that 2020 is not turning into the year anyone expected. Personal plans are on hold, society is in lockdown and businesses are either literally shutting up shop or getting to grips with new working practices.

Like all industries, print publishing is facing up to these challenges but, unlike all industries, print publishing is somewhat accustomed to operating in a disrupted market.

Much has been written in recent years of the challenges facing print publishing. Circulation figures released each six months make for a tough read – average circulation declines around 7% annually – and publishers will talk about the difficulty of competing for advertising revenue against other platforms.

The rapidly changing socioeconomic landscape will affect the publishing industry in familiar weak spots – circulation, advertising and supply chain – albeit as a shock rather than a gradual impact. Here we will explore what the potential impacts might be and, more importantly, what the industry can do about it.

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