Savanta: Half of people in the UK left the house yesterday

by Savanta

Government advice sinks in further as fewer and fewer people report leaving their homes

Half (51%) of people reported that they left the house yesterday, the lowest total yet, and the lowest midweek figure by 8 points (yesterday’s figure was 59%).

Two in five (41%) are now saying that that they’re officially self-isolating, also up 5 points from yesterday.

General activity from those who left the house continues to drop, with a quarter (27%) visiting a supermarket (down from 49% this time last week), and one in ten (9%) saying that they visited friends or family (down from 25% this time last week).

One in ten (10%) of those who visited a supermarket said that they did not see any empty shelves, an 8 point rise since Saturday’s data indicating that panic buying, and stockpiling is reducing somewhat.

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