A different way of tackling the NHS’s financial concerns


In a recent blog, KPMG shares how adopting a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) mindset in healthcare, particularly within the NHS, represents a strategic shift from traditional cost improvement methods towards achieving long-term sustainability and enhancing staff satisfaction. This approach is seen as a remedy to the NHS’s challenges, including financial sustainability, by focusing on root cause analysis and engaging staff in the improvement process, thereby ensuring that solutions are not only financially beneficial in the short term but also sustainable and beneficial to organisational culture in the long term.

According to KPMG, CQI can drive financial improvement by addressing productivity challenges and empowering staff to innovate, which has been demonstrated through substantial savings and quality improvements in various NHS Trusts and international healthcare institutions. This underscores the potential of CQI to transform financial and quality outcomes in healthcare by integrating improvement into the fabric of daily operations.


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