A virtual introduction – starting a new job online

by Cadence Innova

For many, joining a company can be both an exciting and daunting time. Bombarded with information and new faces, it can take a moment to get your feet under the table. The COVID-19 pandemic provided additional challenges to inductions, with nothing being able to happen face-to-face instead of taking place on Teams. I am a member of the ‘2020 virtual recruits’, looking to share my experience of joining behind a screen, as well as tips and tricks that have helped me and my 2D colleagues adjust to these strange times.

Cadence has written about the experience of one of their new employees, Hannah who joined the team recently. She shares her reflections and a few tips and highlights how Cadence have been able to develop their onboarding process so that new starters who joined their team remotely are able to settle in well.

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