AI in the workplace


Over the past few months, DWG has published several resources related to AI in the workplace. In this article, They’ve rounded up 5 points to help you start to understand the potential of the next-gen digital workplace:

1. The metaverse can be so much more than a gimmick
Utilise the technology to foster communities among dispersed colleagues; provide an environment where employees can celebrate and socialise; and reinforce the company culture among new hires. This bonding opportunity can also bridge the gap in equality which results from being a remote worker.

2. Adopt a strategic approach to AI in the workplace
IT may have the most influence, yet functions such as HR and Comms may be following their own paths regarding AI. To prevent mixed messages and overwhelm, ensure a coordinated approach to developing and using AI within the organisation.

3. Support employees to navigate the change
AI is a productivity assistant or copilot to help people rather than replace them. Focus on enabling the change by helping users to work iteratively from concepts that need to be refined, enriched and approved.

4. Centralise ownership of the AI strategy
Have a centralised function – to think big, investigate, validate and refine the strategy. But manage the balance between ambition and risk.

5. Don’t be sidetracked by the hype
It’s likely that ChatGPT will follow Gartner’s technology hype lifecycle. While we hear about examples of chat-based large language models helping teams to increase their productivity, it may take many years to see systematic uptake.

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