AI-Powered Employee Experience


Deloitte’s research into Generative AI for work found that more than four million people (32% of respondents) in the UK have used GenAI for work purposes. AI is quickly changing how we live our personal lives, and organisations are exploring how it can augment working lives. According to Deloitte’s global State of AI in the Enterprise report, 94% of business leaders agree that AI is critical for success. This same study also found that over 60% of business owners believe AI will increase productivity and 42% believe it would streamline job processes. This is increasing the use and adoption of AI tools and technologies.

Furthermore, Deloitte’s research reveals that currently, 79% of leaders in the UK report full-scale deployment for three or more types of AI applications. 76% of respondents also reported plans to increase their investments in AI to gain more benefits. Whilst this looks like a high number, the increase in investment is slowing slightly. This is because organisations are struggling to achieve the expected outcomes from AI due to challenges in proving business value, lack of executive commitments, insufficient funding, lack of technical skills, and choosing the right technology.


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