Arcadis: Human Cities

By Arcadis

An automated future? Making our cities more human

Cities of today would be unrecognisable just 10 years ago. But have these changes made our cities better places to live, move, work and play in? And what does the future look like,
not only for us but for our children,
grandchildren and generations to come?

In the first episode of the podcast series Emma Nelson, freelance radio and TV presenter and reporter, hosts a conversation between two city experts and tech obsessives, Sandeep Kapoor, Innovation and Growth lead at Arcadis UK, and James O’Malley, technology journalist and former editor at Gizmodo. They tell us why an automated world will work for us as people, no matter how we feel about it. Plus, we look at what the people who shape our cities need to do to make the future human.

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