BearingPoint: Public servant experience: transforming beyond citizen experience

by BearingPoint

The public sector has been forced to adapt to COVID-19 more than any other. Meeting the needs of citizens has never been more crucial, whether that means delivering frontline healthcare, enhancing social service supports, teaching children remotely, or facilitating funding for businesses to continue trading.

This has required enormous effort, involving a near-instant adaptation of processes and structures, introduction of new technologies, and reallocation of talent, yet public servants across the globe have taken these challenges in their stride. Thanks to their efforts, while we may never return to the old ‘normal’, we can tentatively look forward to the new.

For public services leaders, significant opportunities beckon. The response to the current crisis has shown that fast, powerful, and positive people transformation is possible within public sector organizations. It offers a blueprint for investment that goes beyond allocating budget to new tools and revised structures designed to improve the citizen experience, to enhancing the experience and contributions of public sector workers themselves.

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