Better procurement outcomes


Step three in your journey to catalyse change in back-office transformation
Why does it appear that procurement for Software as Service (SaaS) and related implementation partners, is stuck in an on-premises mindset? Cloud-based solutions can be a step change for the organisation, aligning business processes to leading practice standards. Transforming to the cloud is more about adopting new ways of working, than configuring a technology solution. Your approach to procuring such systems may therefore need to change.
What are you setting out to procure as part of an ERP / HCM replacement project?

  • A technology product to replace one that has become obsolete.
  • A technical migration from your current platform to something new and shiny, because others in your industry are doing the same.

Wouldn’t it be more effective to buy services that enabled improved business outcomes? Outcomes that were aligned with your organisational strategy. Outcomes that will support revenue and cost improvement whilst enabling better citizen, customer, and user service.


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