Chaucer: The Human Side of Data Strategy and AI Adoption

By Charles Wright,

Data Strategy & Analytics Expert at Chaucer

An organisation wide data strategy is often compromised of similar components, focused on building a maintaining a technology solution.

Over the past 10 years this has commonly involved migration of data and applications to a Cloud provider. Service providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have grown rapidly for more than a decade, with growth of 17% expected in 2020 (1). Cloud services now allow organisations to employ sophisticated analytics solutions and Artificial Intelligence at scale.

While a cloud solution forms the base needed to facilitate business functions technology requirements, there is mounting evidence that successful technology implementation is not enough for adoption. McKinsey reports that over 70% of transformation projects fail due to short-sighted planning (2).

With the rise in cloud compute capabilities, Artificial Intelligence is in reach of all businesses, why is it that over 80% of Data Science projects fail to make it into production and generate a return? (3) The following criteria cover 3 commonly overlooked aspects of business functions when building a data strategy…

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