KPMG: Climate Risk and Reporting


Awareness of climate risk has risen dramatically over the past year, putting it at the forefront of the business, social and government agenda.

It is time for business leaders to step up, put climate risks at the forefront of their strategy and ensure that they can be proud to tell the next generation how they used their position of power to address these challenges that will be central to all our lives for the future.

The immediate pressures on Boards can make it difficult to stop and reflect, but taking the time to think about climate risks, running scenarios and making the relevant changes to business models and strategies can help us stretch the corporate and political planning horizons, so that we can respond to the challenge of climate change effectively.

Putting in place your ‘climate change narrative,’ which articulates how your strategy and business model is responding to the climate crisis, will help ensure that you can make the necessary changes to respond effectively. KPMG can help you think about the risks and opportunities impacting your organisation, how this feeds in to your corporate strategy and ultimately how you communicate this to the market.

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